One of the few times I ever felt a connection with my father was when we were walking around a village in my motherland of Cyprus. He saw me eyeing a twisting alleyway that cut through a neighbourhood of wooden houses scrambling over each other. ‘You want to go up it, don’t you?’ he said. ‘You always prefer to take the crooked side streets.’

He was right.

I want to use this blog to share my travel experiences with other curious folk. I’ll try to imbue my posts with history, background, cultural details, and any tips I might have, but please don’t take me for an expert. I’m just a goof, drawn to the world outside my window (and around the corner from there), longing for something I still can’t put my finger on.

I hope you enjoy the ride. And please, by all means, share your experiences / thoughts / factoids / tips with me.

OK. Less talking, more walking.

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